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Examination Reference Documents

This page provides an easy and convenient route to the range of referred documents. This is in line with the Examiner's Clarification Note and the hearing on Monday March 5th 

The WNDP suite of documents for the Referendum

WNDP1 -  The Watlington Neighbourhood Development Plan (the final version after a few minor corrections - the "made" and "adopted version as used by SODC and published on their web site, will replace this. It is stressed the few alterations are purely in respect of layout and typography)

WNDP2 -  Basic Conditions Statement  (as updated December 2017)
WNDP3 -  Consultation Statement
WNDP4 -  Sustainability Appraisal/Environmental Report (also updated)
WNDP5 -  Sustainability Scoping Report for above
WNDP6 -  Housing Survey Report 
WNDP6a- Housing Survey Appendix 
WNDP7 -  Relevant Maps 
WNDP8 -  Photographs - Important Landscape Views  
WNDP9 -  Photographs - Watlington Conservation Area Views 
WNDP9a- Map for Conservation Area Views 
WNDP10- Watlington Green Spaces 
WNDP11- Watlington Design Guide
WNDP12- Development Strategy Topic Paper

WNDP13 -Watlington Traffic Management Plan & Report

WNDP13a-Watlington Traffic Management Plan brief to consultants

(You can read a summary of WNDP13 here) (The display boards on view at our Drop In event on February 3rd can be seen here and a feedback summary here)

WNDP14- Flood Risk Assessment and Sequential Test

WNDP15- Habitats Regulations Assessment (Stage 1) Updated December 17

Additional Document References with regard to Hearing Statement 

(Please note that some of these references are links to other web sites - some original digital files are extremely large to download or use as E Mail attachments) 

1.   WNDP Objectives for the new Edge Road

2.   The SODC LP2033 Emerging Local Plan

3.   The Briefing Pack issued regarding Chalgrove Airfield

4.   The OCC Response to the SODC Consultation on the WNDP (No.63)

5.   Minutes of technical meeting on January 19th 2018 (AECOM)

6.   Homes England (HCA) letter to SODC August 2017

7.   Air Quality Status Report 2017

8.   Summer 2016 WNDP Roadshows Report

9.   Kirkham Landscape Capacity Assessment - Appendix 15

10. LVIA report in connection with Site A (Archstone/Bloor)

11. SODC Design Guide 

12. The Chiltern Society Response to SODC WNDP Consultation (32)

13. The Chilterns Conservation Board (33) and SODC Response (37)

14. The High Court decision from Mrs Justice Lang

15. The WNDP pre submission summary relating to WNDP Consultation 3 

Additional Document References with regard to Clarification Note  

 1.  Watlington Traffic Study - TPP Report

 2.  Oxfordshire Infrastructure Strategy - November 2017

 3.  The Briefing Pack issued regarding Chalgrove Airfield

 4.  OCC AADT figures 2017, January 2018 and historic for site CP068

 5.  Clarke Bond Transport Assessment - Site A (P17/S3231/O)

 6.  Beechcroft Developments/Victoria Land planning application (PYR1) 

 7.  Providence Land Planning Application (PYR 2)

 8.  SODC Emerging Local Plan LP2033

 9.  WNDP Consultation 1

10. WNDP Workshops October 2014

11. WNDP Consultation 2

12. WNDP Roadshows June 2016

13. WNDP Roadshows Feedback and form used

14. WNDP Consultation 3

15. SODC Design Guide

16. WNDP Health Check Part 1 and Part 2

17. LVIA report in connection with Site A (Archstone/Bloor)

18. SODC Leisure & Recreation - WNDP Consultation - Response (52)

19. SODC - Business and Innovation Strategy Report

20. Minutes of technical meeting on January 19th 2018 (AECOM)

21. High Court Judgement - Kent ruling on Air Quality

22. The OCC Response to the SODC Consultation on the WNDP (No.63)