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NDP Healthcheck 


Following the completion of WNDP Consultation 3 in summer 2017 the Parish Council decided to seek a Health Check of the Plan in advance of making a formal submission of the WNDP to SODC. This was arranged through the services of the Neighbourhood Planning Independent Examiner Referral service and was completed in July 2017. The Health Check report was advisory only and not part of any statutory Examination process. It was used as a working document to assist in the final preparation of the WNDP in advance of the submission to SODC.

The Health Check report was prepared using the WNDP documents which were consulted on in April/May 2017 (Consultation 3). The WNDP was amended in the light of advice in the report and as a result of comments received as part of Consultation 3. The Health Check report is now out of date as it does not apply to the documents which were submitted to SODC in December 2017. It is not part of the current SODC consultation on the Plan or part of the formal Examination process.

The Report was considered at the meeting of the Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee on 7th August and it was resolved that, as a working document, the Report would not be published at that stage (until the WNDP documents were finalised for submission to SODC). The reason was to avoid any possible confusion with the formal Examination of the Plan.

The Health Check is in 2 parts:

1. Health Check Report – summary of recommendations 

2. Annexe to section 2.9 of the Report – Response/Comments