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The SODC consultation runs from December 13th to January 28th and more details can be seen from this public notice issued by SODC

28 on the 28th 

The HCA organised a successful meeting (with 28 present) in Watlington on November 28th at which the key stakeholders from landowners and their agents, OCC, SODC and a five strong team from the HCA led by Strategic Land Director Ken Glendinning, discussed all the aspects of the proposed "Watlington Edge Road" or as we know and understand it - the "re-aligned B4009". More details from the meeting.  Click here to see our Traffic Plan flyer...

On Saturday 2nd December we were at the Watlington Christmas Fair - and our MP John Howell met some of the WNDP team members 


Watlington Parish Council have approved the necessary suite of documents that comprise our Plan and they are now on this site  -   the contents of some of these documents have undergone a "health check" prior to submission to SODC. We have made some minor changes as a result  - the Parish Council  agreed these at the Full Council meeting on October 10th

We will be able to formally submit the Plan to SODC after receipt of some technical information relating to natural habitats -  SODC will subsequently undertake a final consultation for six weeks prior to examination (see our Timetable tab)

In the meantime the documents below have been sent to SODC :

WNDP1 -  The Watlington Neighbourhood Development Plan
WNDP2 -  Basic Conditions Statement
WNDP3 -  Consultation Statement
WNDP4 -  Sustainability Appraisal/Environmental Report
WNDP5 -  Sustainability Scoping Report for above
WNDP6 -  Housing Survey Report
WNDP6a- Housing Survey Appendix
WNDP7 -  Relevant Maps
WNDP8 -  Photographs - Important Landscape Views 
WNDP9 -  Photographs - Watlington Conservation Area Views
WNDP9a- Map for Conservation Area Views
WNDP10- Watlington Green Spaces
WNDP11- Watlington Design Guide
WNDP12- Development Strategy Topic Paper

WNDP13 -Watlington Traffic Management Plan & Report    

WNDP13a-Watlington Traffic Management Plan brief to consultants

(You can read a summary of WNDP13 here

WNDP14- Flood Risk Assessment and Sequential Test
WNDP15- Habitats Regulations Assessment (Stage 1)


 In the course of our consultation and community engagement work we produced two videos - you can see both through these links:

Our 2015/6 video message
Our 2017     video message

Two flyers were published by the WNDP in advance of Consultation 3 and distributed to all households in the WNDP designated area, the PDF versions can be seen here and here

We are working with SODC and OCC on traffic modelling in the area, this will include the potential impact of any development at Chalgrove. Traffic management for the town centre features highly in our evidence alongside other factors - we have appointed a consultancy to advise us with more data and recommendations and that work has been completed and the report produced should be available by mid October

Click here for a link to the Neighbourhood Planning Act which received Royal Assent at the end of April 

Click here to see a link to the Government Housing White Paper (Feb 7) on "Fixing the Broken Housing market" and this has been followed by a further release from DCLG which can be seen here as published on September 14th

The SODC Local Plan 2033 completed their second Preferred Options consultation and the results can be seen by following this link. October 11th saw the start of the final six week consultation on LP2033 by SODC and the link to see the 237 page LP2033 Publication version is:


You can see a very helpful video before making comment on SODC LP2033 at:


SODC have issued a statement regarding their 5 year land supply position which can be read here but the result of the Thames Farm appeal throws this into question although the housing supply calculations may eventually be calculated by a new method announced by DCLG

SODC ran their second preferred options consultation on LP 2033 from Wednesday 29th March 2017 until mid May. This included important information regarding Chalgrove and in respect of other infrastructure in the local area of significance with regard to the WNDP as above 

SODC have also produced a very good summary of "Planning Matters" which can be seen here 

We have added an "FAQ" tab to the navigation panel and the summary can also be seen here 

Next Steering Group Meeting:  Monday 8th January 2018


You can see the notes of the meeting we had with the HCA team on October 4th (2016) here and the further meeting notes from a follow up meeting on December 13th (2016) as provided by GVA is available here. A third meeting with the new HCA team took place on July 3rd - notes are here and a further meeting also took place on October 10th - here

(An Appeal on another site at Chalgrove for another 120 homes but not proposed in the Chalgrove NDP has been allowed and there is a further site off Monument Road also to be decided) 

Chalgrove summary and the new Chalgrove Airfield website and Grove Airfield which is relevant 

The CPRE view on the Grenoble Road/South Oxford Science Park 

What John Howell MP says about the allowed Thames Farm Appeal at Shiplake despite the site not being in the adopted Henley & Harpsden NDP 

Watlington Parish council is now on Facebook          

Send emails to info@watlingtonnp.org.uk or phone 01491 613867 and ask for Rachel Gill (Tuesday and Thursday mornings only)

This is the home page for the Watlington Neighbourhood Development Plan.  It provides details and evidence of the programme and our progress that will soon lead to a plan that gives the people of Watlington some control over how their community develops up to the year 2033. The information provided has grown steadily as we progress with the WNDP.

We recognise the importance of both paper and electronic lines of communication.  A regular report on progress is included in the Watlington Times, published monthly. Written comments or suggestions are welcome at the address below. Get involved