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Welcome to our WNDP website 

The Watlington Neighbourhood Development Plan was officially "made" at the SODC Full Council meeting on Thursday August 23rd and is now adopted and part  of the SODC Local Development Scheme 

Our Referendum took place on Thursday June 28th

The result was a resounding YES vote of 81% from a turnout of 47.4% which is high for this type of voting

The exact figures can be seen here as from the SODC website 

Read John Howell MP Media statement issued June 30th 

Read how Planning Resource viewed our campaign 

The WNDP area is shown below and the suggested Edge Road route and the three allocated sites are shown on the map further below 

OCC made this response regarding the MOD site  


The SODC Decision Statement was produced after the Examination and confirming the Referendum date. The first part of the Decision Statement issued by SODC on May 11th 2018 stated:

"Summary -  Following an independent Examination, South Oxfordshire District Council’s Cabinet Member for Planning confirmed on 8 May 2018 that the Watlington Neighbourhood Plan will proceed to referendum. 

This Decision Statement and the Examiner’s Report can be viewed on the Council’s website.

Hard copies of these documents can be inspected until 27 June 2018 in the following locations: Reception South Oxfordshire District Council 135 Eastern Avenue, Milton Park, Milton, OX14 4SB Opening Times: Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 5.00pm and Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm Watlington Library Greengates 35 High Street Watlington Oxon OX49 5PZ Opening Times: Monday 2.00pm to 7.00pm Tuesday 9.30am to 12.30pm and 2.00pm to 5.00pm Thursday 2.00pm to 6.00pm Friday 9.30am to 12.30pm and 2.00pm to 5.30pm Saturday 9.30am 1.00pm Watlington Parish Council Community Office 1 Old School Place Watlington Oxon OX49 5QH Opening Times: Monday to Friday 9.30am to 12.30pm

Background  Watlington, as the qualifying body, successfully applied for Watlington parish to be designated as a Neighbourhood Area, under the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations.

Following the submission of the Watlington Neighbourhood Plan Submission Version (‘the Plan’) to the district council, the Plan was publicised and comments were invited from the public and stakeholders. The publicity period closed on 28 January 2018

South Oxfordshire District Council appointed an independent examiner, Andrew Ashcroft, to review whether the plan meets the basic conditions required by legislation and should proceed to referendum.

The examiner concluded that the plan meets the basic conditions, and that subject to the modifications proposed in his report, the plan should proceed to referendum.

Decision Reasons for decision

The council has committed to supporting neighbourhood planning in its Strategic Objective on facilitating sustainable communities, and more specifically through the commitment in the Corporate Plan 2016-2020 of ‘Strongly supporting the development of neighbourhood plans for our towns and villages’.

The Watlington Neighbourhood Development Plan (the Plan), as modified by the Examiner’s recommendations, has had regard to national policies and advice contained in guidance issued by the Secretary of State. A requirement to have regard to policies and advice does not require that such policy and advice must necessarily be followed, but it is intended to have

Having considered the examiner’s recommendations and reasons for them, South Oxfordshire District Council’s Cabinet Member for Planning decided on 8 May 2018:

1. To accept all modifications recommended by the Examiner;

2. to determine that the Watlington Neighbourhood Development Plan, as modified, meets the basic conditions, is compatible with the Convention rights, complies with the definition of a neighbourhood development plan (NDP) and the provisions that can be made by a NDP; and 3. to take all appropriate actions to progress the Watlington Neighbourhood Development Plan to referendum on Thursday 28 June 2018; and 4. to agree that the referendum area should extend beyond the neighbourhood area to include properties in Pyrton parish (as recommended by the Examiner)" 

Andrew Ashcroft carried out our WNDP Examination and has twice visited Watlington, and the complete WNDP area. His report can be seen here.

We were also required to respond to some technical questions raised in a Clarification note which have been dealt with by written representations

The WNDP suite of documents (Referendum)

WNDP1 - The Watlington Neighbourhood Development Plan (the final version after a few minor corrections - the "made" and "adopted version as used by SODC and published on their web site, will replace this. It is stressed the few alterations are purely in respect of layout and typography)
WNDP2 - Basic Conditions Statement
WNDP3 - Consultation Statement
WNDP4 - Sustainability Appraisal/Environmental Report 
WNDP5 - Sustainability Scoping Report for above
WNDP6 - Housing Survey Report
WNDP6a-Housing Survey Appendix
WNDP7 - Relevant Maps
WNDP8 - Photographs - Important Landscape Views
WNDP9 - Photographs - Watlington Conservation Area Views
WNDP9a- Map for Conservation Area Views
WNDP10- Watlington Green Spaces
WNDP11- Watlington Design Guide
WNDP12- Development Strategy Topic Paper

WNDP13 -Watlington Traffic Management Plan & Report

WNDP13a-Watlington Traffic Management Plan brief to consultants

(You can read a summary of WNDP13 here) (The display boards on view at our Drop In event on February 3rd can be seen here and a feedback summary here)

WNDP14- Flood Risk Assessment and Sequential Test

WNDP15- Habitats Regulations Assessment (Stage 1) Updated December 17

In the course of our consultation and community engagement work we produced two videos - you can see both through these links:

Our 2015/6 video message
Our 2017 video message

The new NPPF came into force on July 24th 2018 and can be seen here


There is a current delay in submission of LP 2033 for examination following Full Council rejection of a Cabinet recommendation and a revised motion to request a longer delay to assess more strategic sites -  providing this delay does not impact on the agreed Oxfordshire Growth Deal

The link to see the 237 page LP2033 Publication version as it last stood:



You can see the notes of the meeting we had with the Homes England team on October 4th (2016) here and the further meeting notes from a follow up meeting on December 13th (2016) as provided by GVA is available here. A third meeting with the new Homes England team took place on July 3rd - notes are here and a further meeting also took place on October 10th 2017- here followed by a meeting with key stakeholders on the 28th November 2017 as above

Homes England, through their agents Carter Jonas, have issued a letter to SODC (dated January 16th) and a general statement (January 18th) in respect of their position regarding the Martin Baker Aircraft Co. Ltd and the future of Chalgrove airfield with press comment here

Homes England have now issued this statement via Carter Jonas and a meeting should be taking with our team shortly 


Watlington Parish council is now on Facebook          

Send emails to info@watlingtonnp.org.uk or phone 01491 613867 

This is the home page for the Watlington Neighbourhood Development Plan.  It provides details and evidence of the programme and our progress that will soon lead to a plan that gives the people of Watlington some control over how their community develops up to the year 2033. The information provided has grown steadily as we progressed with the WNDP.