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WNDP Community Forum 

Several informal meetings were held with members of the WPC Steering Committee to draft responses to the Clarification Note sent by the Examiner and to prepare for the Hearing in Public on 5th March.  The Examiner recommended that the WNDP should go forward to  Referendum.  SODC  arranged for the Referendum to be held on 28th June 2018

As the initial objective has been achieved, three members of the Coordination Group have decided to step down. Norman Perry, Pepita Bianchi and Pauline Harvey have been essential members of the WNDP team and have made a huge contribution to the Plan. Their work is evident in the many documents which make up the whole Plan and the remaining members of the team are most appreciative of their input

As the Coordination Group has successfully met its brief to take the Watlington Neighbourhood Development Plan to a Referendum, the parish council has considered what role it should play in the delivery and monitoring of the Plan.  (see NPAB tab)

The terms of reference for the WNDP Community Forum can be seen here 

Meeting Minutes for WNDP Co-ordination Group

13th August 2018 (37th meeting) 

12th February 2018 

15th January 2018 

31st October 2017 

16th October 2017 

4th September (Joint meeting with Steering Committee) 

31st July 2017 

26th June 2017 

31st May 2017 

27th March 2017 

27th February 2017 

16th January 2017 

13th December 2016 

22nd November 2016 

9th November 2016 

10th October 2016 

19th September 2016 

15th August 2016 

27th July 2016 

20th July 2016 

20th June 2016 

16th May 2106 

5th May 2016 

18th April 2016 

8th March 2016 

22nd February 2016 

8th February 2016 

25th January 2016 

18th January 2016 

11th January 2016 

14th December 2015 

7th December 2015

1st December 2015 

24th November 2015 

16th November 2015 

9th November 2015 

26th October 2015 

Monthly Report April 2016

Monthly report March 2016

Minutes from Development Sites Group

(Members of this group have also been part of the ongoing process with developers) 


Minutes from December 15th  

Minutes from December lst 

Minutes from 21st November  

Minutes from 11th November

Minutes from 13th October

Minutes from 22nd September 

Minutes from 15th September

Minutes from 1st September

Minutes from 4th August

Minutes from 25th July

Minutes from 26th May

Minutes from 17th May

Minutes from 6th April

Minutes from 15th March

Minutes from 2nd March

Minutes from 4th February 

Minutes from 21st January

Minutes from 7th January

Minutes from 3rd December (2015)

Sites Workshops

April 1st 2017 and April 12th 2017  

30th January 2017 

17th October 2016 and 26th October 2016

Housing Group

Minutes from May 4th 2016

Minutes from 8th December 2015

Minutes from 25th November 2015

Other useful Reports

Housing Supply 1

Housing Supply 2

(Please note that our Housing Survey reports and full details can be found under the "Surveys" tab) 


Minutes from Infrastructure Group

Parking Report Nov16 

Car Park Survey results

Car Park 1

Car Park 2

Minutes from the 10th March 2016

Minutes from 2nd December 2015

Notes from 16th November 2015

Meeting with schools


Minutes from "Sustainability" Groups

Minutes 10th December

Minutes from 17th December 2015

Minutes from 13th January 2016 

Meeting with shopkeepers


The following are now available: 

Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report and

associated maps

Our summary of what "sustainability" means - here and Sustainability Definition

Sustainability Objectives 1

Sustainability Objectives 2

Green Spaces