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The WNDP have been involved in a number of meetings with the Homes and Communities Agency (Homes England) in Watlington  - the most recent meeting notes  can be seen below

28 on the 28th 

The HCA (now known as Homes England) organised a successful meeting (with 28 present) in Watlington on November 28th at which the key stakeholders from landowners and their agents, OCC, SODC and a five strong team from the Homes England led by Strategic Land Director Ken Glendinning, discussed all the aspects of the proposed "Watlington Edge Road" or as we know and understand it - the "re-aligned B4009". More details from the meeting. Also click here to see our Traffic Plan flyer...

You can also see the notes of the meeting we had with the Homes England team on October 4th (2016) here and the further meeting notes from a follow up meeting on December 13th (2016) (as provided by GVA) is available here. A third meeting with the new Homes England team took place on July 3rd - notes are here and a further meeting also took place on October 10th - here  

Developer discussions 

A series of meetings were held with developers and their associates in May and June 2016 at the Watlington Town Hall. These meetings were in response to invitations sent to the available site representatives and arranged in order to exchange current information - they are not the basis of site selection and notes below provide the content of these discussion. Follow up meetings have taken place since through 2017 and 2018 


Boddington Planning - May 25

Countryside Properties - May 25

Archstone May 25

Providence Land May 26th 

Queensgate Properties - June 20 

West Waddy - June 20

Watlington Hospital Charitable Trust 19th July  

Archstone  - Sept 28th 

Millgate - Sept 27th

Providence Land 10th October

Knight Frank WAT10 27th October 


Archstone 30th January  (with some added WNDP notes)

Victoria Land/Hunter Page 16th March 

Providence Land 16th March 

Archstone 23rd May

Perdix WAT10

Victoria Land/Hunter Page July 17th 

Archstone September 25th 


Archstone January 22nd 

Archstone May 23rd 

Providence Land August 3rd 

Reports and other documentation 

Site selection

Built Form

Large Sites

Small Sites 

Site selection Criteria 1

Site selection Criteria 2

There was a Public Consultation at Pyrton Village Hall on Thursday 16th November from 6pm to 8pm relating to the development of the old MOD site on the corner of the B4009 and Pyrton Lane