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Consultation 3

Two flyers were published by the WNDP in advance of Consultation 3 and distributed to all households in the WNDP designated area, the PDF versions can be seen here and here 

The A2 boards as displayed at the events can be viewed here  

The pre-submission consultation for the Draft Plan started on Tuesday April 18th and closed on Friday June 2nd. See the Consultation 3 link from the left hand panel together with Consultation 3 Comments and the FAQ page which can be accessed from the green navigation panel

All the  documents were in draft form at this stage and have been updated as a result of the consultation. The submission versions are now available on the WNDP home page
The Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report is a reference document

Supporting documents which are not part of the formal consultation which you may be interested to see are shown below