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After nearly five years of trying we have finally got the requested motorway signs as below and our thanks to all those involved in achieving this:


The latest Chalgrove Airfield newsletter can be viewed here and confirmation of the Government strength being put behind Homes England has been laid out as recently published here. A new consultation leading to proposed further changes to the NPPF is now running:



As part of the Local Development Scheme, the WNDP carries full weight with SODC alongside the current Local Plan. The NPPF (in Paragraphs 28-30) covers this in detail

The WNDP Forum has been superseded by the NPAB - the Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Board. Progress on implementing policies and objectives of the WNDP will be reported on this page, for the time being, until the Parish Council develops its new web site. The agreed Terms of Reference of the NPAB can be seen here

Discussions continue to take place with stakeholders and local authorities in respect of funding for the Edge Road. Homes England had a meeting with the Developers involved on Thursday September 27th and details are awaited. We are advised that Homes England await the decision as to whether Chalgrove Airfield will be included in the emerging Local Plan - SODC Cabinet will make that decision on December 18th for recommendation to Full Council on the 20th December

Meanwhile representatives from the WNDP/NPAB and the Parish Council earlier met with SODC on September 4th to review planning application progress and Aron Wisdom from OCC joined that meeting and explained their role as it has now evolved. He followed this with an email which stated:

"Thanks for your email. I am indeed leading on the Edge Road for OCC.

In terms of the MoU, I think this will still provide a useful function in terms of setting out terms especially if funding is being sought to front fund. However, OCC will only have absolute guarantee in the form of the a legal agreement such as a S106 agreement.

I have not been invited to the meeting on 27 Sept either but will investigate if anybody has or should be.

I am not sure whether it is ‘renewed’ activity or if they have been busy in the background. HE’s intention was always to submit a planning application but when this is I’m not sure. There is no new agreement in terms of funding other than in letters that were sent round some time ago. I cannot speak for HE but I imagine this funding is predicated on a successful planning approval. My view is that this is some time off even if they do submit imminently. For this reason, given we have current applications on the table it is important that we look to fund the Edge Road through other means. I think this will ultimately mean less delay.

I believe the case for funding is getting stronger. It now seems that we are getting closer to an agreed strategy for delivery. It is a complex situation with so many parties but so long as everybody involved is on board, it is one that is more than achievable. I will, of course, keep you updated on any progress.

Kind regards,

Aron  Aron Wisdom BA (Hons) MSc

Principal Infrastructure Planner (South & Vale)Infrastructure, Innovation & Development

Oxfordshire County Council | County Hall | Oxford | OX1 1ND"

A meeting with the Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) took place on Wednesday 10th October and full report will be published here shortly

A further meeting of the NPAB took place on Monday 15th October and minutes will be published shortly

An additional meeting with St. Leonard's Church in respect of planned new community facilities took place on October 30th and the WNDP Traffic Group met on November 2nd

The next meeting of the NPAB is scheduled for Monday 19th November