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Past Events

(Covering the period 2014 - 2017 and Phase 1 and Phase 2) 

WNDP Community Engagement Workshops (October 2014) summary click here

Initially, the NPCC produced a series of newsletters - see example from September 2014

Public meeting to relaunch the Plan - September 30th 2015 

A very large attendance at the Watlington Club kicked off Phase 2 and the transition from the NPCC to the WNDP Community Forum

Launch Presentation 

We made a video relating to our relaunch which can be seen here

Christmas Fair (2015) 

We had a themed stall relating to a treasure hunt to attract family participation and a report can be read here

Summer Roadshows (June 2016)

Roadshow results

Feedback Form - this is the form we used to get useful feedback

Comments - click to get a summary of the comments made

The events in mid June 2016 were a great success covering seven locations across the Parish

We produced a number of A2 display boards and the PDF versions of the content can be read by downloading the relevant file(s) as follows:

A definition of "sustainability"

Our sustainability objectives     and more


Site Selection Criteria   and more

Large Sites    Small Sites



Housing Supply   and more

Housing Survey summary   and more

Traffic and Parking

Traffic Update

Traffic Option 1        Traffic Option 2         Traffic Option 3

The Alternative Traffic Route (at the time but since amended)

Car Park Survey Summary and more

Shops and commerce

Social and economic considerations for the town as a service centre

The Environment

Green Spaces The built form

Chalgrove Airfield (as it stood at the time but see elsewhere for updates)

Initial information on the proposals for development


What Watlington wants

Christmas Fair 2016

(Thanks to Nicola Schafer Photography)

We took the opportunity of distributing our specially commissioned Christmas Card update to the hundreds of visitors and followed this up with hand delivery of the card to all the households in the Parish

We recorded some video interviews for use in 2017

The build up to Consultation 3 involved a number of drop in sessions in March and April 2017 and the events were listed on the flyer


Watlington Parish Council (Annual Parish Meeting) 

We made presentations in 2016 and 2017 but noty in 2018

and at the Annual WPC Outreach meetings held in Christmas Common (specifically for residents of Christmas Common, Greenfield and Howe Hill and parts of Northend and Pishill) in November 2015 and November 2016.

Our settlements were included in other events, for example a "drop in" event in May 2014